Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Foster Home Needed Urgently for Little Cat Family

We are seeking a foster home for a tame mama cat with four 3-week old babies.  There is someone feeding the mama cat but they are currently holed up in a stuffy garage and in this heat, there is a risk that the kittens can dehydrate quickly.

PFA can provide food and litter supplies, we just need a cat lover with a spare room and a bit of time to spend with the little family.

Please contact us at pfasask@gmail.com if you can help.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hugo and Tulip Blossomed in the Spring

These two gorgeous cats are Hugo and Tulip (formerly Big Grey and Lucy ). They are siblings who were rescued during a severe cold spell in 2011 when they struggling to survive outside and hanging out under the porch of a fast food restaurant!

They started off shy but have since turned into sweet and loving kitties with some stability and TLC, and they are very close and love spending time together.

Hugo and Tulip are doing great in foster care, and we look forward to finding them a permanent home, possibly even with their foster mom!


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Little Help...

PFA is still short about 6 volunteers to work the Western Pizza concession stand at the Rider game on July 14th.

This is a very lucrative fundraiser for PFA and we need to fill every spot to maximize our fundraising efforts.

Shifts are 3-4 hours and involve either basic food prep or working the counter taking orders and serving.  It's easy, and fun - and all for a good cause.

We know it's Craven week-end and lots of volunteers are working a concession there, too, to help bolster our coffers. This means we need - and appreciate- all the help we can get!

Contact us at pfasask@gmail.com if you can help.


Cute Callie Dodged a Bullet...

This super cute little cat is Callie, a one-year old female who is spayed and vaccinated, and has all the love in the world to give.

Callie was a shelter cat who got a new lease on life after being placed at a satellite adoption centre and finding a new home.  Unfortunately, it wasn't the right home at all. After only a few days, her owners took her to  vet clinic to be euthanized because she'd developed diarrhea (which is very common due to the stress of a change in environment, or a food change).

Thankfully, the vet who treated Callie refused to put down a young and healthy cat, and had the cat signed over to her care. She then contacted us for help in getting Callie a home.

Callie is a young, playful and affectionate cat who will be wonderful pet for her lucky adopter. She didn't deserve to face euthanization for a minor and  treatable condition, and we are happy to be helping her find a true forever home.

Please contact us at pfasask@gmail.com for more info on Callie.


Feral Cat Feeders Needed

Did you know that People for Animals dishes out more than 500 kilograms of cat food to 150 feral cats each month?

That's no small task for our team of volunteers, and we're always looking for more people to join us to feed the cats in our feral colonies around the city.

Being a member of our Feral Cat Feeding Team is an incredibly rewarding job, as you can see the real difference your work is making in these cats' lives. Without our help, they would go hungry.

If you have an hour or two once a week to help, email us at pfasask@gmail.com. We and teh kittehs would be very grateful.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

More Housing Crunch Victims

Winnie (black) and Harley (black and white) are  5 -year old siblings that were adopted from PFA as tiny kittens back in 2007.

Their owners loved them and were heartbroken to give them up, but they were in the position of having to move, and couldn't find a pet-friendly place that allows pets.

It's an increasing common story, and also the most common reason for pets being returned to us.

Not only do we have previously adopted cats coming back, it is also increasingly difficult to find foster homes and adopters with pet friendly housing.  We have several people that would like to help but either can't have pets or can't afford the deposit that would allow them to foster.

So, beloved pets like Winnie and Harley end up being surrendered back to us, and for the time being now know a kennel at PetCetera as home.

We hope that they will find a new family soon.


Bingo Volunteers Needed

Hello, cat lovers! 

Summer might be vacation season and the living is easy, but PFA is busier than ever with rescued cats and kittens during the warmer months, and we need funds!

As if often the case, we are short bingo volunteers for July and August. 

Please have a look at the three July dates People for Animals is scheduled for:  http://www.people4animals.ca/index.php?docID=238.  The first one is this Thursday evening, July 5th.  We are still short of volunteers for that date; please let me know asap if you are able to help out on Thursday!
The following bingos are Saturday evening, July 21st and Tuesday evening, July 24th.  If you know that you could help with either of those dates, your commitment now would be absolutely fabulous